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Technology Drive, Irvine, CA


LePort Schools

Conversion of a 22,800 s.f., two-story office building and 1.75 acre site at One Technology in the Irvine Spectrum into a new flagship school environment to care for infants and educate up to junior high level students.   The school’s renovation includes the addition of an elevator and lobby core with a new front entry canopy and signage identifying the new facility from the street and welcoming parents and visitors at the controlled drop-off area.

The building remodel features a unique reception area in the new elevator lobby with a custom designed salt-water aquarium to complement the specialized science learning experience.  A total of 15 classrooms, offices, storage and amenities were designed to accommodate upwards of 244 students and 29 staff.   Each room features custom-designed cabinetry and has finishes throughout the private and public areas selected to evoke LePort Schools’ timeless “coastal” theme. 

The project also included modification of the surrounding parking lot into four age-specific playground areas with unique playground equipment, shade, security and circulation requirements as well as providing an auto friendly circulation pattern for drop-off and pick-up.  Sail-like shade structures complement the color coordinated play equipment throughout the site contributing to an overall image of competence and quality.

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