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Bundy-Finkel Architects was founded in 1991 by the two Principals - Timothy Bundy and Richard Finkel, classmates and friends dating back to their time at Cal Poly Pomona.

Both Principals come from large, well-respected firms: Architects Orange for Tim and LPA for Richard, where there learned how to design and create production drawings for projects of many types and sizes.  After leaving those two firms, they worked together as Principals for Blomgren Associates for a short time before starting their own firm in July of 1991.

As a company, BFA is vertically oriented with all team members applying their knowledge and experience to each phase of a project's development and implementation.  Unlike many other firms where project staff perform a narrow range of tasks, our team members are encouraged to provide input as skilled designers, technicians and general problem solvers throughout the course of a project, truly collaborating to bring each to fruition.

To best address the needs of our clients, BFA encourages open communication and employs in-depth Q&A sessions with them to learn as much about their businesses as possible in order to determine how our services can best be applied to meet their needs. We strive above all else to be good listeners and results-oriented throughout the process to make our collaborations with all stakeholders satisfying and positive experiences for all involved.

We frequently function as the hub of the wheel - the glue that holds a project team together - but we also function well as a part of the wheel where each participant knows and executes their specific roles with the success of the entire team as their primary goal.  Nothing is more satisfying for us than to have satisfied clients, and that is why 99% of our business comes from repeat business and referrals - a testament we think to the levels of service and integrity we bring to our work.


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