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Bundy-Finkel Architects is dedicated to providing quality service and lasting value for our clients and their projects.

Through a collaborative process, we create and execute works of architecture that emphasize a timeless blend of function and design.

We employ state-of-the-art design tools to visualize projects during all phases of the work, allowing our clients to fully understand and participate in the process of design from beginning to end.


From shopping centers to entire communities, we can prepare comprehensive land use studies, feasibility studies, master plans and final site plans for residential and commercial developments.

Working with land surveyors, civil engineers, soils engineers, utility coordinators and traffic experts, we have the knowledge and expertise to manage the teams needed to develop community, campus and building site plans for a variety of project types.

From project inception to completion, we can do it all.


We create work environments that are healthy, efficient, functional, adaptable, vibrant, energy-saving and budget-conscious.

We design office, retail, restaurant, institutional, residential, hospitality, laboratory, fitness and many other types of spaces and uses.

Services include the preparation of a needs analysis to determine current and future square footage requirements, space planning, material selection. lighting and furniture selection.


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