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Mission Viejo, CA


Shopoff Realty Investments, L.P.

The city of Mission Viejo has many older pocket retail centers around town that served tenants' needs in the 1960's and 70's when they were constructed, but don't meet tenants' needs in today's very competive real estate market where maximizing signage area and tenant visibility is the goal.  For that reason, Bundy-Finkel Architects has come up with cost-effective and innovative ways of adding fronting walls that both add signage area and provide a fresher look for older projects.  These changers are also designed to not trigger expensive structure renovations to the existing structures and allow tenants to be in operation while the work takes place - a huge benefit to landlords looking to minimize income reduction and rent concessions resulting from the improvements.

The Los Alisos Village retail center is an example of a charming but dated 4.5 acre, three-building, 30,000 s.f. neighborhood center that benefited from a renovation that included adding frontage walls using new materials and an updated color palette, the addition of new low-energy lighting, new parking lot landscaping, new and enhanced outdoor dining areas, and a 1,346 s.f. addition occupying what was useless site area between two of the three buildings.

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