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The Forum Shops, Las Vegas, NV


Roman Times

Bundy-Finkel Architects had already created the highly successful Watch Connection store in Costa Mesa for this client who then approached them to design a high-end watch store located in the Forum Shops in Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas.  The store had to be high-concept, high-design, and elegant to represent the many brands of luxury watches sold, and to meet the Forum Shops' high standards for design.  The store also had to connect to an Hublot brand store, only the fourth to be located in the United States, located immediately adjacent to this store and that would share staff and support spaces with the Roman Times store.  All of this needed to occur in a space that was only 18'-0" and 85'-0" deep.

In response, BFA developed a design that used highly reflective materials such as mirrored metal for the soffits and polished black marble tile for the floors to create an illusion of more space.  They also created a custom-designed rotating globe showing the times of major capital cities around the world at the rear of the space to bring the eyes of passersby into the space and compel them to step out of the busy Forum Shops traffic and into this space.  They also worked with an internationally renowned store fixture designer to develop custom cabinets and lighting that showed off the watches, some of them priced at over $250,000, to best effect.


The result was a store that the Forum Shops operators voted as one of the ten best stores in the mall and which garnered international acclaim for the client. 

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